Strappy Little Things

When it come’s to lingerie, I’m not much for wispy pieces, no diaphanous gauze or teasing lace. It’s all too fragile, makes me feel obligated to act dainty and demure when I am neither. I’m drawn to bands and straps, to leather, to steel boning; lingerie that looks like cages, makes me feel like something fierce and barely contained.


Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “Strappy Little Things”

  1. What great pieces, and I like how they show your tattoos! It’s fun how they emulate the shapes of ladylike vintage lingerie, but they are really totally not. It’s like a teasing illusion of coverage.

  2. So I tried to post a comment that was neither negative or inappropriate but it’s still awaiting moderation, while you’ve posted comments by four other people since?

    You’re really being rude. I won’t say you’re sexist, but it does seem that you’re blocking a man while females aren’t being blocked.


    1. Um, wow, that’s a bit needy.

      My site allows commenters who’ve been approved before to bypass moderation, I hadn’t looked at or approved anything due to Internet connectivity issues both at home and at work.

      Regardless, this blog is my space. I don’t have to approve anyone’s comments or allow comments at all. If I had chosen not to approve yours, a second one throwing a tantrum about how rude I am is not the appropriate next step. You’re a stranger on the Internet and I don’t owe you a damn thing. Behave accordingly.

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