The worst of the storms keep twisting around us. Disaster forecast, then only wind and not too much rain. The city shuts down. Last month, it was tornadoes. This time, flooding, lightning, high winds. I know how destructive they can be, I know better than to say it too loudly, here, but I have always loved storms.

This one only teased: the smell of water, a lightning show in the distance, a spattering of rain. Not the soaking chaos I crave, but enough to make me need to step outside.

Sinful Sunday

17 thoughts on “Stormlit”

  1. I miss having a backyard, as we both love being naked in the rain. We’re currently limited to a covered balcony, and while we definitely do enjoy sitting naked as the rain falls, it’s simply not the same.

    Beautiful shot! Your tattoos are beautiful and intricate. And I love the feel of the edit. It has a surreal feel that is very appealing.

  2. I love tattoos but yours are just friggin awesome. I love how the one on your right legs comes up and swirls just beneath your bottom.

    I love summer storms too, they have a smell that I just find hot and sultry and thunder is the sexiest thing


    1. Thank you!! Those damn swirls took forever to get right when I was designing the whole thing, I’m quite proud of them!

      And yes, nothing sexier than a good storm.

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