Omne Trium Perfectum

She’s fucking me hard. Every thrust forces my face down on his cock, further than I think I can handle. With every thrust he tightens his grip on my hair. I’m choking. My throat tries to scream but there’s no air to scream with and his cock is gagging me. She’s fucking me hard and I can’t breathe and he’s groaning softly underneath me and it’s all too much, exquisitely too much. I pull my face away from him, struggle up to my hands gasping for air. “Sorry,” I mumble, and he laughs. “You think you have something to be sorry for?” His fingers fill my mouth before I can answer, not that I could have answered anyway.

Her lips are soft. She’s gentler than I’m used to. I’m trying not to smother her, resisting the temptation to make her struggle and writhe underneath me. Gentle is new, different, but then so is she, so is all of this and I’m mesmerized. All this softness can’t do more than tease but God, she doesn’t know that and for once I don’t want to say anything. Her eyes are closed. She looks focused. If she enjoys this half as much as I do then I don’t want her to change a thing. The mattress shifts a moment before I feel his hand on my hip. Her jaw slips open a fraction. Her tongue is suddenly insistent, her whimpers muffled by my cunt. Then he’s fucking her and her mouth presses into me harder. He sinks his teeth into my side, sends a shock through me from his mouth to hers. There are sounds, maybe even words coming from my throat but I don’t much care. She moans, her fingernails digging into my thighs, and it sends me over the edge.

I’m lying on top of her. She kisses slow and soft and earnest. I’m hungry for her, impatient. My teeth find her lips, her jaw, her throat. I don’t bite, just graze and drag my teeth across her. I glance up when my mouth reaches her breast. “Biting okay?” “Yes.” I bite her, not hard, not hard enough for the guttural sound in her throat and the sudden arch of her back. His fingers slide into me before I can pause to see what he’s done to her. He fucks both of us with his fingers while we writhe into each other. Her hand finds mine, brings it to her throat. I tighten my fingers, feel her shiver under the pressure. Her face changes, turns serene, almost vulnerable. I let go of her throat, feel her first shuddering gasp before I run my fingertips across her cheekbones, lips, and chin. We’re both breathing hard. I don’t know if I want to kiss her or keep watching her face. She meets my eyes. “Tell me when you’re close.” I nod. I’m already there, holding back because I want to feel this tension a moment longer. Now I realize she’s holding back for me, I want to draw it out further. I want to see her struggle against it. It doesn’t last long; I want to see her come. I say “just about now,” and within a moment I’m screaming and shivering. Her own shivering and moans follow. I kiss her, if you can call it kissing to devour the sounds she makes like this.

I straddle his face. She straddles his hips. At first she’s punching me, light blows to the scapula while we start to move. Then her hands are on my shoulders, pulling me to lean back. She bites my neck, slides one hand around my chest to pinch at a nipple. He bites down on my clit and I can’t think at all; I’m all spine and pain and too much pleasure. He bites harder, too hard. I’m shrieking in pain, twisting and pulling my body away which only makes it worse. This is too much, far too much. There’s a plea to make him stop just behind the next scream. I’m sure of it. I have no time to say it between one orgasm and the next.

We collapse. We had to, eventually. It’s been a long night, from dinner to hot tub to a long talk about the three of us, about how it’s going to work. Whether it can work at all. We don’t know, but the chemistry’s there and we do want to try. If the sex is any indicator, it’s worth trying.

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  1. I’m sorry to be negative, but I saw your tags there and…The Techie? The guy who lied to you, including about health-threatening things like whether he was barebacking with anyone else?

    I wanna cheer that you had all the great sex, but…

    1. Yeah, I know.

      Don’t be sorry, I’m well aware that getting involved with him again is all kinds of high-risk. Basically the only person supporting this is Z, and she’s more than a little biased.

      I could give you the rationalization if you like. That he’s being communicative in ways he hadn’t before, that he’s providing explanations for all the shit he pulled without trying to excuse it or asking us to trust him, that my behavioral approach is very different now. Could say he’s good at everything in the world except relationships, including navigating my mental illness. It doesn’t matter; it’s rationalizing. In reality I just enjoy his company too much, am too stupid in love with him. It’s high risk. I’m probably going to get hurt. At least with him the form the hurt takes is known. Makes him about 5% less scary than everyone else in the world.

      Anyway. Yeah. Idiot Nic. Hearing that a lot lately. Not gonna argue.

      1. Heh. I agree that this will likely end in tragedy, but fully understand that you need to do it anyway. So, you know what? Go for the gusto. Milk everything good out of this that you possibly can. Seriously. If/when things go kerflooey, I have hugs here for you without any I-told-you-so in them. <3

        But I hope you're using condoms.

        In related news, I have recently realized that if I had another opportunity to fuck The Pedant, I totally would. So…immolation-from-flying-too-close-to-the-sun high five? 😛

        1. Heh. Thanks. Spouse’s response has calmed down to “I can’t stop you but I will not deal with it when he fucks up again,” which…fair enough, I guess.

          And yes, we’re very clear on the strict use of condoms.

          The things we’ll do for great sex, huh?

  2. Dear sweet holy mother of God, that was hot. Gaaahh hot. <3 !!! Sensual and switchy and rough and bisexual (yes, I just got done reading your post about that study) and, just…the perfect thing I needed to read right now.

    *flails* Thank you for sharing this. It hits pretty much all my buttons at once. Omg.

    1. *laugh* So fucking hot. I feel like a jerk for announcing to the world that this is the best sex ever…but it so is. Less switchy than I’d maybe like–we’re all three sadists, but I’m the only masochist, so I’m bound to toppy behavior that’s not painful or only hurts a little. Still. It hits pretty much all my buttons too. Yay for frenzied switchy bi threesomes way too late on a weeknight!

      1. It so is. Hee!

        Ooh yes, I can see how that would be a little frustrating. But it sounds like it’s pretty amazingly intense anyway. I am so jealous of you right now, lol.

        (Well maybe not jealous of the assorted associated drama that probably comes with this specific threesome…in which I wish you ALL the best possible outcomes! <3 More hot sex, less heartbreak? We can but hope.)

        1. Oh yes. All the intense. Obviously the personal/emotional side of things is complicated and risky. Trying to keep it in a box and just enjoy what is going well.

          It’s so going to explode. Really ought to care more about that, huh.

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