If you follow me on Twitter you know I’m a mess right now.

There are posts I want to write. About going to a swinger’s club (it was awesome!), about how my neuropathy and sex life intersect, about trust and desire and prayer and how language affects behavior and perception. I’ve started more drafts in the last six weeks than the two years previous. It’s ridiculous. (I’ll write anything to avoid writing my thesis, truly.)

The thing is, life is being consumed by things I don’t want to write about. I’m hunting for a job in my field, trying to find an apartment (viewing two in the next two days), getting divorced. These are not things I want to do all at the same time. Plus grad school. My classes this term are excellent, which means I actually have to work hard at them.

My mental health is shot. I love writing on here but guilt over not doing it enough is a stressor I don’t need. So. I’ll be on twitter. I’ll still be going to burlesque shows (priorities!). The blog is on hold until I can imitate a functional adult a little more convincingly.

I’ll be back by Passover, probably sooner.

4 thoughts on “Break”

  1. More positive thoughts for you to hoard 🙂 Everything you have going on sounds brutally stressful and I wish I could magically give you a vacation from it, even just for a little while.

    Don’t worry about the blog, we’ll be here when you’re ready to come back.

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