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I’m Nic, short for Nicole. I am:

  • in public health. I work with social determinants of health, sexual health and HIV prevention.
  • shamelessly nerdy, especially about sci-fi and fantasy literature, board games, and tabletop RPGs. There are a few console and computer games I have a soft spot for, as well.
  • delighted by all things Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Joker.
  • prone to overthinking everything. This comes with having a severe anxiety disorder, and only got worse after undergraduate work in philosophy.
  • ginger, and proud of it. A fair portion of my identity is tied up in my hair color, which really doesn’t make sense except that it kind of does.
  • not a cannibal.
  • a walking paradox.

Oh, and I’m a shark: I do what I want.

“Three standard deviations?”

Yes. I deviate from cultural sexual norms in three major areas (I’m queer, nonmonogamous, and kinky). If we want to use the term correctly, then yes, a few of my sexual preferences probably fall outside 3SD (which would mean 99.73% of people do not share them). But what is normal, anyway?

Queer, poly, and kinky?

Yup. Let’s not confuse this with indecisive though.

I identify as bisexual. The binary here is not trans-exclusive, nor does it mean I am attracted to both men and women, it means I am attracted to both persons who share my own gender (women) and those who do not (men, genderfluid, genderqueer, agender…)

I’m a switch in every sense I can think of: top/bottom, sadist/masochist, dominant/submissive. There’s a lot of mix-and-match going on there. I’ve topped as a masochist (it’s not “topping from the bottom” guys, it’s just a different kind of scene than you’re used to), had switchfights and swapped roles mid-scene, etc. as well as the expected bottom/masochist/submissive all at once. None of my current relationships have a D/s component. That doesn’t mean I’m “not really kinky.”

Currently single, with a smattering of casual partners (no, autocorrect, not “casualties”) who live nowhere near me and a pile of exes (including a former spouse) whom I run into fairly regularly.

So basically:


Random trivia

  • I have a strong Southern accent when drunk or agitated.
  • I drink whiskey (neat, not served cold) or moonshine (sometimes flavored). There are no other drinks.
  • My favorite book is Moby Dick.
  • I am half-Jewish in terms of family history, cultural background, and belief.
  • I am slowly covering myself in literary tattoos. I love this decision more every day.
  • I find hands and wrists intensely, distractingly erotic.

Occasionally other people write nice things about me and my ego gets so huge and ungainly that I have to swagger for a while just to keep my balance. Thanks to O Miss Pearl for inclusion in her 10 Smart Blogs You Shouldn’t Forget and Cara Sutra for including Switch Studies in her Sex Blogger Spotlight Series. They were both incredibly kind. Go read them! They like me so they must be awesome, right?

I was shocked to make Rori’s list of top sex bloggers of 2014, and flabbergasted and honored to be in the top ten of Molly’s top 100 sex bloggers of 2015 (seriously. Who is this other Nic writing something that interesting?)

Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2015

Want to know something else, but too shy to comment here? E-mail me at KNicoleRenard[at]gmail[dot]com or use the form below:

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    1. Aw, how sweet! I’m afraid I won’t be passing things on, for various reasons. If you want to see the relevant blogs that I appreciate, they’re on my blogroll. Thanks!

  1. Hi Nicole

    Just wanted to let you know you made the judges picks on this months e[lust] If you have a Twitter account could you tweet at me so I can find you @mollysdailykiss


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